Due to COVID Safety Protocols all tournaments will be played with flag sticks in cups, and preferred lies in bunkers (see image below) until further notice.

  • Player’s index from the Tuesday before the tournament will be used to calculate their course handicap
  • All SCGA / USGA Tournament rules apply, unless a course rule or club modification is in affect, that supercede
  • Putt Everything out
  • When in doubt play two balls, record both scores and receive a ruling upon submission of scorecards
  • Everyone in the group needs to sign the official scorecard


  • Pot divided among gross & net low score on each hole
  • Ties cancel each other out and do not pay

Blue Plate Game

  • A modified Closest to Pin Game on all course Par 3’s
  • $5 per Par 3
  • Ball must come to rest on the green, fringe does not qualify
  • Measure with the end of the tape gripping the lip of the cup to the front of the golf ball
  • Only the closest to the hole is contention to win
  • The golfer in contention must 2 putt or better to collect
  • If they 3 putt or worse, or no one in the game hits the green, that money stays in the pot for the day’s winner(s)
Please, note we have suspended “stay at raffle” points for, at least, the 2021 Season. We don’t if or when courses will allow us to have our “banquet” after tournaments. And even if they do, some people are more cautious than others. Participants shouldn’t be penalized for choosing not to congregate after the round. Thank you for understanding.